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Human Resource Management

HR in Business Excellence provides comprehensive support and advice, addressing productivity issues by aligning, tailor-making and successfully implementing HR policies and procedures in accordance with Employment legislation.


HR in Business Excellence offers HR Management A-La-Carte Services to businesses, at affordable rates, on an as-needed basis. The A-La-Carte Services are listed below:

  • Provide HR advice & support to businesses.
  • Employment Law Compliance
  • Undertake HR Audit and diagnose the HR function of your Business
  • Introduction & Implementation of Performance Management Systems (Inc. Appraisal)
  • Managing your Recruitment & Selection process
  • Development of Employee Handbooks
  • Development and Implementation of Human Resource Policies
  • Managing Disciplinary & Grievance matters
  • Design, conduct and analyze Employee Surveys

HR Audit & Diagnose the HR function of your Business

HR in Business Excellence is able to perform a full HR Audit and Review on behalf of your Business. Our HR Audit’s comprise of reviewing and examining HR Administrative and other HR processes, policies and procedures. We also design questionnaires which are relevant to your business to collect further data and administer one2one meetings with relevant staff. On completion of any Audit, the results would be analyzed and submitted in the form of a comprehensive Report which would include findings and recommendations for improvement.

Managing your Recruitment & Selection Process

HR in Business Excellence is able to assist in the area of effective Recruitment and Selection to ensure that your internal team remains staffed with qualified individuals who possess the qualifications and traits that fit your needs. HR in Business Excellence is able to design and develop a variety of testing methods that are appropriate for different job roles. We can also actively participate in the selection processes offering expertise in this critically important area of Human Resources. We will clearly guide you through the Recruitment & Selection Process to ensuring that new employees receive the necessary documentation to the point of appointment.

Development and Implementation of Human Resource Policies

Well-documented HR policies and procedures are vital to a successful business operating environment. HR in Business Excellence draws from over two-decades of experience in HR Management and is well versed in developing, implementing, reviewing and evaluating HR policies and procedures

Provide Complex HR advice and support to businesses / Employment Law Compliance

Hermione Regis has extensive experience in the area of Human Resources Management, spanning over two decades and is able to not only able to diagnose and analyze your complex HR issues, but is also able to offer support, advice and bring workable solutions to benefit your Business. Hermione is proficient in analyzing and applying employment legislation to ensure that businesses are safely complying within Grenada’s legal employment framework.

Introduction & Implementation of a Performance Management System

HR in Business Excellence is able to develop and implement a comprehensive Performance Management System relevant to your Business. We will work with you to diagnose performance issues and provide advice to help businesses effectively manage and improve performance issues. We also provide HR support should any issues arise, and work with managers to develop performance improvement plans when necessary.

Development of Employee Handbook

HR in Business Excellence is able to design your Employee Handbook specific to your organization, ensuring that your organizational goals, values, expectations are clearly documented and communicated to employees.

Managing Disciplinary & Grievance Matters

The management and correct application of Disciplinary & Grievance matters is of great importance. HR in Business Excellence is able to assist in the area of disciplinary and grievance matters; from informal to informal stages of the process.

Design, Conduct and Analyze Employee Review / Surveys

Taking the time to review performance and job satisfaction for every employee is an important part of maintaining an efficient, satisfied workforce. We offer employee review services that capture the quantitative and qualitative data relevant to each employee, and present that data in a format that makes it easy to understand overall trends and themes within the workforce.


HR in Business Excellence has a competitive edge over other HR Consultancies as it offers a holistic service. Our HR Management Service is coupled with relevant HR Management Training Workshops.


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